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The VSKC's Instructor group provides club members opportunities to learn skills and progress in confidence and ability.  

All VSKC paddles are rated by paddler grade and you need to have the appropriate grade to register. However, as your experience grows you can contact the Trip Leader about participating even if you are not yet graded at that trip level. In this way you will grow your skills and experience and help prepare for assessment at the next grading level. This, along with attending training sessions, is how you progress.

It's vital that you are a self-motivated learner:

  • Do you want to improve your skill set and develop sound paddling principles, enabling you to take part in club trips and enjoy the adventure experiences?
  • Are you committed to learning and dedicating time to practice paddle strokes, rescues and towing etc. each time you get on the water?
  • What can you bring to this experience?

Not all members in the club want or are capable of achieving the higher end gradings and that's fine. The VSKC is inclusive of all paddlers. Before you commit to engaging in club training days take a moment to reflect on the outcome you want to achieve:

  • do you want to take part in the training scheme beyond Sea Kayak Basics?  
  • What award do you want to strive for? 
  • What club paddles do you strive to go on?

Read more about our grading pathways and check out our training resources.

Rescue training, Phlllip Island

Surf practice, Waratah Bay

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