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Tea House Cafe Paddle

History recounted by Andrew Campbell, June 2022

The weekly Wednesday Tea House Café paddle out of Rickett's Point began on 18 July 2018. 

Why did it start?

Andrew Mueller wasn't working at the time and suggested that a regular Wednesday paddle should be started and see if anyone else might want to come along!?

What's the paddle experience like?

I would like to think that the paddle provides a relaxed environment as well as an opportunity to learn more. It has been pleasing to have had such good support from so many club members since then who enjoy getting out for some fresh air and exercise. Although I would add that too much fresh air, say when winds exceed 15 knots, can sometimes tend to result in a decline in the number of participants - which I think is only natural.

Do you have fun on the paddle?

I have often heard it said that 'you're not having fun unless you get wet'! If that is the case, I would say we all have fun at the end of the paddle either watching others get wet, or actually practising skills that involve the risk of getting wet!

Post-paddle tradition

After the paddle, participants continue the all-important post-paddle debrief  in front of the open fire in the Ricketts Point Tea House Café, while enjoying their hot chocolate (or other beverage of choice) and sharing a bowl or two of Rosemary Salt Chips (or more substantial lunch option as appropriate)!

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