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 Group shot on the Easter paddle to Snake Island, 2017 Port Albert, South Gippsland Richard Rawling
 Sunrise on the AGM red eye paddle Barwon Heads Ben Flora
 Paddling at the Prom East Coast,  Wilsons Promontory National Park Pete Wilson
 Kayakers cresting wave on the red eye paddle
(Winner of the 2017 VSKC photo competition's 'Action' category)
 Port Phillip Bay Andrew Campbell
 Trips image: Aerial shot of the red eye paddle Ricketts Point, Port Phillip Bay Nicolas Faramaz
 Training image: Learning to roll Walkerville South, South Gippsland Pete Wilson
 Get into sea kayaking image: Celebrating 10,000 km of red eye paddling, 2018 Ricketts Point, Port Phillip Bay Laureen Knight

 About the VSKC

 Stopping for a breakWilsons Promontory National Park Pete Wilson

 About sea kayaking


Red eye paddle
(Winner of the VSKC's 2017 Mick MacRobb Photographic Award)

Port Phillip Bay Ben Flora

 Why join the VSKC?

 Weekly red eye paddle from above Port Phillip Bay Nicolas Faramaz
 Learning to roll Walkerville South, South Gippsland Pete Wilson
 Fun in the surf! Waratah Bay, South Gippsland Bronwyn Skowronski

 New member FAQs


 VSKC Trips

 Canadian Bay Monthly Paddle Canadian Bay, Mornington Peninsula Ben Flora
 Camping at the Swashway, Snake Island Nooramunga Marine and Coastal Park Kathryn B


 Rescue training Phillip Island Pete Wilson
 Surf practice Waratah Bay, South Gippsland Bronwyn Skowronski

 Grading pathways



 VSKC committee meeting via Zoom! In the comfort of our own homes :-) Kathryn B

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