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About the VSKC

Wilsons Promontory National Park    Image credits

The Victorian Sea Kayak Club (VSKC) was formed in 1979, and aims to bring together local sea kayakers and create opportunities to meet, organise trips, and promote sea kayaking as a sustainable sport.

Club members have done some marvellous and sometimes very challenging trips by sea kayak around the coasts of Victoria, New South Wales and Tasmania, along rivers and in lakes and even further afield such as Greenland and Antarctica.

Our founding members made the first sea kayak circumnavigation of Tasmania and the first south to north crossing of Bass Strait. Members regularly paddle across Bass Strait and take their kayaks to remote and interesting areas. Equally, we all love relaxing short trips or overnight camping in our local bays, rivers and lakes with plenty of time to socialise.

We welcome new members and encourage a culture in which members help each other with skills, gear, safety, trip information and organisation.

The club runs training sessions conducted by members who are highly experienced and accredited instructors. We have a grading system for paddlers so that we can tailor trips to suit all levels of proficiency.

Our training is not aimed at absolute beginners however, and new members are expected to know something of sea kayaking, have access to a kayak, be able to swim and be ready to explore the fantastic adventures and opportunities that sea kayaking offers.

If you are a complete beginner then there are a number of good sea kayak courses around Victoria that can get you up to speed with the basics and will enable you to join the VSKC and enjoy the many benefits that membership offers.

The club runs a large range of paddles throughout the year ranging from casual afternoon paddles along a quiet river or lake to multi-day expeditions in beautiful and remote locations. Our paddles cater for all levels of ability, helping members to improve their proficiency and progressively take part in more adventurous trips should they choose.

We keep in touch through this website, email news, FacebookInstagram and our club e-magazine Sea Trek.

We conduct numerous training sessions during the year for all skill levels and host a Blue Water Festival every November. 

Find out more about sea kayaking or the benefits of joining the VSKC.

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