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Why join the VSKC?

We welcome new members, however, the VSKC is not suitable for absolute beginners - new members are expected to know something of sea kayaking, have access to a sea kayak, be able to swim, and be ready to explore the fantastic adventures and opportunities that sea kayaking offers. 

If you are a complete beginner then there are a number of good sea kayak courses around Victoria that can get you up to speed with the basics and will enable you to join the VSKC and enjoy the many benefits that membership offers. 

If you are interested in joining the VSKC or if you have any questions, please contact our Membership Officer

View our member fees or new member FAQs.

Organised paddles

Discover the unique experience of paddling with new friends amongst remote islands, cruising beneath magnificent sea cliffs, paddling into sea caves and exploring up rivers and lakes. View beautiful coastlines and stunning rivers from a totally different perspective. Enjoy a quiet evening paddle with a other members to a café on a beach.

Land on a deserted island with golden sandy beaches and set up camp with some fellow members for an evening of tall tales around the campfire. Awake to the sounds of lapping waves and sea birds squawking. For those who seek a bit more action our instructors can coach you in the art of rock gardening, teach you how to surf or you could even join an expedition across Bass Strait.

We're a social bunch

Paddling a sea kayak with a like-minded group of friends is great fun! With more than 170 members across Victoria and an active club trip calendar, there are plenty of opportunities to make new kayaking friends - our paddles often end with a coffee or a bite to eat in a nearby cafe, and on day trips we'll stop for a lunch break and the chance for a chat. On overnight trips we'll often sit around a fire in the evening and swap tall tales of adventures on the high seas! You can also plan your own non-club paddling trips or practice sessions with other members.  

Keep fit

Sea kayaking is an excellent form of exercise that develops strength, endurance, flexibility and balance. It provides a great cardiovascular workout that can strengthen the heart and increase blood flow, and help keep you toned and fit while enjoying nature and the great outdoors. 

You don't have to be super fit to join the VSKC - if you can paddle you can start. All paddles are conducted at the speed of the slowest paddler. 


The VSKC has highly experienced and accredited instructors. We run training sessions throughout the year on skill development for all levels of ability. These courses are generally free of charge unless we need to hire external facilities in which case a nominal fee may be charged to cover costs.

By joining the club, you can draw on the collective knowledge of our more experienced members. Get great advice on choosing the right kayak for you, paddling skills, trip planning, map reading, weather forecasting, kayaking gear and the best spots to paddle. 


Sea kayaking can be a challenging activity if the weather turns bad or the seas begin to rise, so paddling in a group with experienced paddlers or even with a buddy from the club offers a much higher level of safety.

All of our club paddles follow detailed risk management processes and are led by highly experienced and graded trip leaders. Paddles are graded as well as members, so that you will know what trips are suitable for your level of ability.


All club paddles are covered by our club’s insurance policy. We purchase coverage for public liability, professional indemnity and personal accident insurance for members.  See our insurance policy.

Sea Trek 

Sea Trek is the VSKC's e-magazine is full of  interesting articles and trip reports.

Member-only access

The member-only section of our website gives you access to the trip calendar, discussion forums on all things sea kayaking, and the member directory.  Our private VSKC Facebook group is very active.

Weekly red eye paddle from above

Learning to roll, Walkerville South

Fun in the surf! Waratah Bay

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