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Expedition Sea Kayak (XP507) by Seabird Designs

  • 4 Jun 2022 4:33 PM
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    Well my Kevlar IRT Mirage has finally arrived. I've already sold one kidney to pay for it  and the sale of many of my other organs are pending inspection (for example I'm pretty sure the sale of my liver will ultimately fall through after even a cursory inspection).   

    To assist with enabling me to keep my second kidney I am going to sell my carbon fibre/kevlar (hybrid) sea kayak by Seabird Designs of Norway. It is 507cm long and is 58.5cm wide, Suits paddlers from 60 to 95kg and has a 145kg overall packing capacity for camping (see the specification sheet in with the photos). Would suit anything from flat water paddling to swells. I've been out in a 2 meter swell, surfed down the front of a wave and had a ball (before I got sea sick - now I carry tablets).

    It has large storage hatches fore and aft, as well as a day hatch just behind the paddler and an easy to reach 'Beckson' round hatch straight in front of you in the deck, a bit like a glove box. The boat has good initial stabilty  and a good secondary stability .

    I have upgraded the rudder pedals to the Kajak Sport-Flex steering system as it is much more comfortable and responsive than the standard system. I have also added tow points so that you can tow another kayak in a rescue situation. It's got a fishing rod holder but I've never fished from it as I use my canoe for that. It has paddle holders on each side. I can throw in a life jacket (depending on your size) and a paddle.

    I'm happy for a serious prospective buyer to trial the kayak on a club paddle to make sure you are comfortable/happy with it before you buy. The seat, thigh braces and pedals are all adjustable of course. The spare paddle scabbards that can be seen in some photos are not included (nor is my Greenland paddle). I also have a couple of winged style carbon fibre paddles for sale separately which I'd sell for about half RRP. You will note in the photos that the cockpit at the front is not as high as most boats so you would need to make sure this works for you (which is why I want you to take it for a trial paddle).  I have a hip problem so it is uncomfortable for me (cam impingement and bursitis), but this is a personal thing.

    Here is the webpage for Seabird Designs page for the Expedition XP507 series.


    If you are interested feel free to email me on 


    PS I'm asking for $2500 on Gumtree etc. but it's $2200 for club members and associates including a life jacket and paddle (if I've got one that fits you)

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