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Tahe Marine Bayspirit

  • 20 Dec 2021 11:53 PM
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    I recently bought a Tahe Marine Bayspirit (red deck, white hull, made of fibreglass in Estonia). For specs, see here. For review, see here and here. It was imported by East Coast Kayaking and sold in 2016 to the person from whom I bough it recently for $2150.

    When I tried it out, I fell in love with it: it's a great boat. I have had a professional made upgrades to it, using brand new parts, including an electric pump and better rudder controls, plus a repair in the belly of the hull. The work was over a grand in parts and labour, and it looks great.

    I've only used it once: I paddled it for two hours, and loved every minute. However, near the end of the session, a wave broke over me from the side and made me capsize. Here's the thing: I am not very experienced, and I strugged to get out of the cockpit.

    That's when I realised it may be a great boat, but not perfect for me: since my thighs are too chubby, the fit is too tight for me. Until I have a good roll, I think I'll stick to a larger cockpit.

    Ideally, I'd like to sell it for the ~$3250 or so I've put into it between purchase price and upgrades. But I know I may have to take a loss as a penalty for buying a kayak that was beyond my skills, so I am willing to let it go for $3K.

    So, if you are looking for an intermediate to advanced kayak that is great for rolling, give me a jingle at 0434 617 457 or write to me at roberto@perez-franco.com You can come to see it and even take it out for a spin here at Frankston Beach if you want. I will keep it in the garage, covered, until then, or until I learn how to roll!

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